...and they all slept happily ever after
...and they all slept happily ever after
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Bedtime Tail: Pet Led Beds

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Once upon a time in a land just up t'road a little idea blossomed and Bedtime Tail was born. Dreamt up during locked down and inspired by the bond and comfort gifted to us via our pets. A simple initiative for pet led beds became a dream come true because everyone deserves to sleep happily ever after. 

In The Beginning

So, where 'dis it all begin? <Said in your best Waffle dog voice!> Well, there's nothing like being trapped inside your house for a year to help you hone in on all those little niggly bits and pieces. Like chipped paint on the ceiling or a squeaky hinge, but most of all our pets. That slight sigh of discomfort every time they lie down or the creaky joint sounds as they get out of bed. It soon became clear that much like people, different pets needed different beds! From beds with high raised sides and comforters for soothing to raise beds for aeration, warmth and ease of entry.

The Messy Middle

As time progressed and life had to find a new 'norm' many of us began redefining our home spaces to accommodate work. It then became clear that our pet's spaces needed redefining too! From comfy floor cushions to accompany us while we floorked (worked from the floor) to cat couches for the boffice (bedroom office). Slowly but surely the bedtime Tail began to be written.

However, for a lot of us the monotony of lockdown simply left us all feeling a bit down and bored, with many (people and pets a like) choosing to snooze away the long, locked down days and nights. For us the snuggle struggle was real! We very quickly realised just how inadequate our beds were! Achy backs and creaky joints needed orthopaedic cushioning and construction, easy to find for peoples not so easy for pets.

Happily Ever After

Calling in a few favours from our factory elves and celebrity fairy godmothers and fathers we began developing ranges with the likes of Cath Kidston and the Vital Pet Club panel. So, keep watching this space, our ranges are never set. We're a work in progress, constantly evolving and developing new innovative ways to please our pets and keep our furbies feeling snuggled and safe.

To Be Continued...

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