...and they all slept happily ever after
...and they all slept happily ever after
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A/W: Top 5 Trends

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Are you desperate to know all the latest top trends for A/W? Don't worry, we've got your back! Snuggle up as we cat walk you through our favourite top 5 trends for this A/W.

A distinct lack of summer has left much of this year feeling like sweater weather, but Autumn has really only just begun. So, should we be tweeting tweeds or 'gramming knitted garments? Well we've had our paws to the floors getting a feel for all this season's (and the next) style trends to incorporate into our latest pet bed ranges. So, here it is, our A/W top 5 trends. 


It would appear that much of the UK, if not the entire Northern half of the hemisphere is ready to batten down the hatches and hibernate this year. The only difference this time around; most of us have come prepared. With 3.2 million people in the UK buying pets pals in lockdown and 86% taking up DIY. Pet parents are not going to be alone or living shabby this year.

Natural Products

Natural products have seen an epic surge across the entire High-street. With the rich and natural textures of woods and velvets dominating much of this winters trends. Emulating the outdoors with an opulence inspired twist.


House prices surged post lockdown and it's no surprise with so much of our life right now still revolving around our homes. Interior design has returned with vengeance, even the likes of TV Golds, Changing rooms making a come back. I feel a Linda Barker Bedtime Tail coming on!


Press Loft's latest trend search showed that this Christmas' go to colours would all be deep, moody blues. With shades of royal blues dominating colour schemes highlighted with splashes of contrasting eggshell and gold. 

Cath Kidston Pet Bed


Gifts for pet specifically. Whether that be your pet or your friends pet or just pet themed. As a nation the continued pet craze is set to carry on booming. We're mad for Pets! Our favourite shout of course being this Cath Kidston, Deep Blue Flora & Fauna bed. We even gifted one to DJ Emma Nicollett and her family's pup Suki to snuggle test during their rendition of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.

Check out their Bedtime Tail and let us know what you think. Alternatively for more gift ideas head over to our accessories page.






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